Magic Pic2Ani

Magic Pic2Ani

Glue various image files in a single video file like AVI or SWF!
1.10 (See all)

Magic Pic2Ani is a freeware program from iTinySoft (strange, the domain name does not exist anymore, and the program can only be found under the effectmatrix web site (home of many cool video tools and utilities, like the great Total Video Converter)).

This program performs a single task: to glue several image files (bmp, gif, jpg, png, ico, tif, tiff, tfa, pcx, wbmp, wmf, emf) into a video file (AVI, SWF).

The idea is simple: select your files, define the order of appearance, select the export format, adjust the settings depending on the chosen format, and you're ready to go!

This program could be used for several purposes. You can use this program to link image sequences into a single animation file, or to perform a batch conversion and unification of images (like convert different image formats to 256-color icons), you can even try the AVI video output with different combination of the video encoders that you have previously installed in your computer.

On the other hand, it is a little confusing, because you can also specify a video file as input, and convert it to an image sequence (like jpg).

Review summary


  •'s hard to don't have to pay for it!


  • Very limited, with many bugs and glitches, and IMHO, results are not satisfactory.
  • Don't waste your time!
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